About AnaCap

AnaCap Financial Partners is a specialist private equity firm focused on investing in the European financial services sector

High Calibre Investor Base

Established in 2005, AnaCap has raised funds with aggregate commitments of €4.4 billion across private equity and credit opportunities strategies as well as co-invest. AnaCap's funds have attracted a global investor base including highly regarded institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Honeywell and Allianz.

Sector Specialist

The European Financial Services sector offers significant investment opportunities, not least because of its sheer size. The evolving regulatory environment and changing industry dynamics across the region means its participants are extremely active buyers and sellers of assets. Our dedicated private equity and credit opportunities funds, combined with our deep sector knowledge, allow us to move quickly where appropriate to take advantage of opportunities and time our investments well. Our approach is rooted in careful analysis of risk and effective deployment of our intense operational expertise to deliver upside and definitive value creation in our investments.

Operationally Engaged

The name AnaCap, an abbreviation of 'Analytical Capital', forms the bedrock upon which our organisation has been built.

AnaCap's private equity team is focused on transforming and building fast growing, dynamic businesses and maximising asset performance through active, on-going operational involvement. Utilising our analytical and operational expertise, we help management teams realise their companies' full potential through the development of creative growth strategies and the realisation of operational efficiencies

Working with high quality management teams is key to our private equity investment strategy and we believe it is important to align our interests with them by ensuring they participate in value creation when it is realised.

In addition, our dedicated credit opportunities team combines extensive experience across principal investment, securitisation, servicing and risk management. The team's intensive, direct engagement in asset pricing and due diligence helps optimise investment analysis and refine an active approach to asset management, whilst mitigating risk.


"AnaCap's specialism in financial services, and its intensely granular approach to data analysis, undoubtedly helped to overcome various hurdles in the creation of Aldermore as it is today. Their enthusiasm for an information-rich culture is infectious and quickly influences the management teams that lead their investments. As a CEO, especially in the early days, when you are swimming with alligators, I'm grateful they are there."

Phillip Monks, CEO of Aldermore


 A proprietary intelligence system, connecting AnaCap to its companies, credit investments and global intelligence. Minerva is an active management tool, providing internal and external information and analysis via a single portal. This enables performance data to be captured and transformed into actionable information used to inform and track key investment and operational decisions.