Credit Opportunities

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in credit opportunities across Europe, leveraging AnaCap's wide and established origination network and extensive credit management expertise.

We target consumer and SME debt, including performing, semi-performing and non-performing assets comprising loans, leases, securities or other obligations. These include residential and commercial mortgages; unsecured consumer loans; leases; trade and other receivables, amongst others.

Our Approach

We adopt a highly analytical and granular approach towards the valuation and due diligence of potential investments, which is facilitated by the use of proprietary tools to price assets and utilises our best-in-class, in-house credit management capabilities. Our active asset management approach is supported by AnaCap's extensive experience owning, building and managing lending and servicing platforms, which helps inform servicer selection and oversight. Detailed and dynamic reporting via our proprietary Pulse platform supports on going servicer engagement.

If you have an investment opportunity you would like to discuss further, please contact us.

Our Team

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals who have achieved significant successes across a number of financial services sectors.

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