AnaCap – ‘Analytics before Capital’

AnaCap is a leading mid-market private equity investor in European Financial, Technology and related Business Services.

Our name, AnaCap, defines a long-established investment approach that focuses on ‘Analytics before Capital’.

AnaCap’s investment thesis and decisions are founded on a disciplined, operational and data-driven approach with technology-enabled support from Minerva, our proprietary intelligence platform. Leveraging a deep sector expertise as investors, owners and operators

AnaCap is dynamic, active investor that generates real value in Private Equity processes through a highly detailed and supportive operational engagement model. AnaCap is exceptionally focused on backing founders and entrepreneurial teams with a specialised sector approach in the European mid-market. This focus is specifically targeted towards companies where AnaCap has identified higher propensity for both organic and inorganic growth value drivers.

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A specialist by experience, a partner through both capital and operational support

AnaCap offers a wide range of tailored solutions to both sellers and existing portfolio management team. This approach is, supported and enabled by a deep track record of investing in Financial, Technology and related Business Services, through multiple economic cycles since AnaCap was established in 2005.

AnaCap’s highly specialised approach leverages vast experience of investing across multiple sub-sectors, with a key focus on Financial, Technology and related Business Services, utilising our proprietary digital intelligence platform, Minerva. Minerva provides real-time access to portfolio data, enabling dynamic monitoring and detailed analysis as well as being an active servicer and portfolio company engagement tool to optimise overall performance.

Our Team

Experienced Investors, Owners & Operators

Leveraging AnaCap’s extensive specialist operational expertise, deep sector network and our understanding of founders’ and entrepreneurial management teams’ DNA, we look to originate and unlock attractive investment opportunities, as well as building and developing deep partnerships with both portfolio company management teams and target sellers across Europe and globally.

Meet our team
We are pleased to announce that AnaCap’s MRH Trowe, a market-leading, owner managed commercial lines insurance broker has announced the agreement to acquire Lurse AG, one of the leading DACH pension and consulting specialists subject to regulatory approval. This deal will be the 21st bolt-on since the partnership with AnaCap began in October 2020. Bolt-on of leading Benefits & Pension (“B&P”) specialist Lurse offering a wide range of brokerage and consulting services across German...
Jan 18 2023