Blending investment and asset management expertise to generate returns

Our Credit strategy was founded in 2009 to capture the significant pipeline opportunity presented by dislocation in the Financial Sector. We focus on a broad range of performing and non-performing consumer, SME and corporate debt, as well as structured credit, corporate lending and real estate, mining familiar territory whilst remaining nimble and opportunistic in deployment, with a long track record of incremental expansion into adjacent markets and asset types. This includes primarily seasoned debt portfolios, where we step into the shoes of the seller to manage down assets, but also structured credit, asset-backed financing, including real estate and other credit oriented special situations where we can directly leverage our experience in comparable asset types.

To date we have raised over €2.7bn for the strategy across four funds, which we have deployed into over 80 investments across 12 EU countries.

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Active asset management extracting maximum value

Post-investment, we work closely with a broad based panel of local servicing and operating partners to actively manage assets, consistently mining portfolio data for dynamic monitoring and customised analysis via our Minerva platform.

Our engaged approach allows us to optimise performance, rapidly address challenges and continually improve underwriting and servicing of investments.