Our proprietary intelligence platform

Minerva is the digital platform that underpins AnaCap’s core philosophy of ‘Analytics before Capital’. Minerva is a powerful intelligence platform that evolves continually to meet the needs of a dynamic financial environment. It provides our Investment Teams with the tools to search, interrogate and manipulate data in order to help unlock value in our own portfolio as well as new investment opportunities.

Minerva leverages modern browser technologies to deliver a fast, responsive user interface globally.

A growing number of Application Programming Interface (API) integrations enable live connections to our data and service providers.

Private Equity

Minerva centralises all portfolio company data in a comprehensive data warehouse. Beyond assisting the AnaCap team in managing portfolio company performance, Minerva enables us to extract relevant, synthesised evidence to identify performance trends and drive transformational growth strategies. To collate data for Minerva, each portfolio company is equipped with its own state-of-the-art data warehouse, which remains with the company following AnaCap’s exit, empowering management to continue to drive the business.


Minerva provides immediate access to data across all Credit investments, enabling dynamic monitoring, analysis and servicer engagement to optimise asset performance. Minerva holds detailed information on 850,000+ borrower accounts/loans, capturing critical data to inform asset management decisions. Minerva is directly integrated with servicing partners where possible, with daily data capture enabling the team to drive adjustments in asset management and in underwriting new investment opportunities.

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