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Jul 31 2023

AnaCap ESG Report 2022

  We are proud to share our first Annual ESG Report. In this report we highlight how ESG is embedded throughout our investment process and value creation m

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Jul 13 2023

AnaCap is now a member of the Initiative Climat International (“icI”)

  We are happy to announce that AnaCap is now a member of the Initiative Climat International (“icI”), a collective commitment to reduce carbon emissio

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Jul 05 2023

AnaCap signs agreement for sale of majority stake in GTT to Stirling Square

  • 70% growth in revenue since AnaCap’s initial investment in 2020 • Geographical expansion into Latin America with international revenue increasing

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Jun 15 2023

Market Pay expands its in-store payment capabilities with the acquisition of Novelpay, a leading ISV provider of payment terminal solutions

Novelpay is one of Europe’s fastest growing independent software vertical providers for PAX payment terminals, with its products and services deployed to bank

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Mar 27 2023

AnaCap and Founders sell minority stake in MRH Trowe to TA Associates at 4.3x money multiple

Annual growth of >50% since initial investment in 2020 through a combination of 21 bolt-on acquisitions and strong organic performance New partnership with T

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Mar 16 2023

AnaCap to achieve 4x return with the sale of Oona Health to Topdanmark

AnaCap’s exit of Oona Health comes after growing the business into a leading Danish digitally enabled private health services and insurance provider Under Ana

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Feb 08 2023

AnaCap-backed Milleis, successfully completes its combination with Cholet Dupont-Oudart Group to become the 3rd largest independent French wealth manager

We are pleased to announce that AnaCap’s Milleis, has successfully completed its combination with Cholet Dupont-Oudart Group to become the 3rd largest indepen

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Jan 31 2023

AnaCap promote Arnhold and Cherchali to Co-Managing Partners

We are pleased to announce the appointment of current partners Nassim Cherchali and Tassilo Arnhold to the position of Co-Managing Partners. Having led the inve

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Jan 18 2023

AnaCap-backed MRH Trowe to acquire leading pension and HR specialist Lurse AG

We are pleased to announce that AnaCap’s MRH Trowe, a market-leading, owner managed commercial lines insurance broker has announced the agreement to acquire L

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Jan 10 2023

AnaCap-backed Fintus, a leading SaaS provider to banks, completes bolt-on acquisition of software and services provider Finstreet

Fintus’ bolt-on of Finstreet supports the strategic expansion into software and services within Germany’s cooperative banking sector Cross selling and new p

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